Module 08: 2017 Trend in HomeStay and Holiday Rental Business & Oct 2016 Live Q&A

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Master Trainer: Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi

What is covered in this training:

  • 2016 summary and observation on Homestay and Holiday Rental Business
  • 2017 Trend for Homestay and Holiday Rental Business
  • Q&A session where Nurul will be answering all questions regarding homestay business

Nurul answered all questions regarding homestay business, these are questions that we received

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  • Kuan Chean Chow

    December 30, 2016

    Hello Nurul, i have some questions show below, hope Nurul can give me some advise and info. Thank you so much.

    1. Is the “serviced apartment/serviced residence” is legal to rent daily? the management of the serviced residence do not have the right to stop us?

    2. Based on your experience, whether to choose “serviced apartment/residence” or condo to run the holiday rental business for long term? which one is less problems cause by the apartment/condo management? or the “serviced apartment/residence” totally do not have the problem of apartment/condo management because it is legal?

    3. Based on your experience, do every “serviced apartment/residence” got check in/out counter like the Garden Residence in midvalley? do u have experience on managing the “serviced apartment/residence” for holiday rental? got any problems in their management office, do they allow you to do holiday rental?

    hope u can give some advice. Thank you very much.

    • Nurul

      January 5, 2017

      Hi Kuan,
      Happy New Year.
      Answers below:
      1) You need to check your property agreement / rules. Some may strictly enforce not to allow especially those with many owner occupiers.
      2) Main thing is how strict the JMB and management is. Much easier to do the business in new condo / apt which has many vacant units, less than 3 yrs old, as there are less rules.
      3) It is separate management between your own homestay and the property check in counter. The official check in counter only handle guest check in/out if you outsource the management to them. So need to clearly inform your guest if they book direct to you, then any issues only contact you direct. Otherwise guest go and complaint to main reception and the staff will then get pissed off and you may soon get warning letter from the JMB, as I have seen this case happen in my mum’s condo in Bukit Bintang with another homestay operator.

      Hope this answer your queries.

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